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Equipment Manufacturers

Elevator and escalator equipment manufactured by the following companies, and others, have been the subject of technical analysis by Creak, Moskal & Associates personnel:

Armor Elevator Company

Baxter & Sons Elevator Company


Elevator Equipment Corporation

Flynn Hill Elevator Company

Dover Elevator Company

Esco Elevator Company, Inc

Fujitec America, Inc.

GAL Manufacturing Corporation

General Elevator Company

Guilbert Door Company

Gust. Lagerquist & Sons, Inc.

Harris Preble Company

Haughton Elevator Co.

Hollister-Whitney Elevator Corporation

Horne Elevator Company

Inclinator Company of America

Inovation Industries Inc.

Interface Products Company, Inc.

J & E Hall Company

Janus Elevator Products, Inc.

KONE, Inc.

Matot, Inc.

Maxton Manufacturing Company

Millar Elevator Industries

Moline Accessories Corporation

Montgomery Elevator Company

Motion Control Engineering

Nylube Products Company

O & K Escalator

Otis Elevator Company

O. Thompson Company

Payne Elevator Company

R & O Elevator Company

Rotary Lift Company

Schindler Elevator Corporation

Schumacher Elevator Company

Security Door Company

Shepard Warner Elevator Company

Southeastern Elevator Company

Southern Elevator Company

T.L. Jones, Ltd.

The Peelle Company

ThyssenKrupp Elevator

Turnbull Elevator Company

U.S. Elevator Company

Virginia Controls, Inc.

Waupaca Elevator Company, Inc.

Westinghouse Elevator Company

Wittur, Inc.


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