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Elevator & Escalator Accidents

Ron Creak has specialized in the investigation of elevator accidents for 25 years, first as a Corporate Risk Manager at a national elevator company, and since then as an independent consultant and elevator expert witness.

He has investigated more than 3000 lawsuits and claims, involving personal injuries and property damage, arising from the following conditions:

(Also see types of Elevator and Escalator Equipment Systems, and Equipment Manufacturers.)

Catastrophic failure and crash of elevator car frame

Catastrophic failure and crash of elevator counterweight frame

Catastrophic failure and crash of passenger elevator hydraulic cylinders

Unintended movement of elevator in up direction

Elevator running with doors open

Elevator over-speed safety application

Elevator hoist machine brake application

Elevator buffer engagement

Elevator drive sheave traction

Elevator door re-opening safety device

Elevator floor leveling system

Elevator technician entrapped by car top equipment

Passenger entrapment between elevator car door and hoistway swing door

Passenger entrapment in elevator between floors

Passenger fall down elevator hoistway while exiting stalled elevator

Child playing on top of elevator entrapped by hoistway equipment

Student fall down elevator hoistway while suspended in chair from bottom of elevator

Passenger fall down elevator hoistway while holding on to bottom of elevator

Escalator comb to step tread clearance

Escalator step to step clearance

Escalator step and handrail operating speed

Escalator stop in down direction

Escalator step to skirt clearance

Passenger fall over side of escalator


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