Creak, Moskal & Associates, LLC - Elevator & Escalator Consultants

Elevator & Escalator Design & Evaluation

As a vertical transportation consulting firm, CREAK, MOSKAL & ASSOCIATES, LLC provides design and evaluation services for new and existing equipment and projects. We supply services where independent expertise in elevator systems and project management and administration is required.

As elevator experts, our experience, skills and training enable us to make available the following services:

  • New Construction Projects
  • Modernization Projects
  • Maintenance Quality Assessments
  • Equipment Condition Assessments
  • Maintenance Contract Specifications
  • Acquisition/Due Diligence Surveys
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Traffic Flow Analysis
  • A.D.A. Surveys
  • Asset Management Reviews

We bring totally objective engineering experience to all areas of a project, whether planning, traffic studies, plans and specifications, construction administration, equipment surveys or certifications.

With strong technology-based capabilities, we perform a wide range of services such as engineering studies, calculations, cost estimating, elevator performance monitoring, etc. Our word processing software, along with experienced in-house staff, permits documents to be prepared in most all processing programs currently in use.

Our dedication to quality is based on the appreciation of a project's economics, the necessity for innovative yet sound approaches to design, and meticulous supervision during all phases of a project.

Clients of Creak, Moskal & Associates consider us a unique resource in the elevator industry.

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