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Attorney Client Comments

"I am writing to thank you once again for your outstanding work. Your testimony at trial and your assistance to me throughout this case were instrumental to our ability to achieve a defense verdict on behalf of [our client].

"Enclosed is a copy of the General Verdict Form and Jury Interrogatories, which I thought that you would find of interest. You will notice that the jury found the Plaintiff to be '100%' at fault for her own injuries. In talking with the jurors after they rendered their verdict, they told me that they were persuaded that the accident simply could not have occurred the way the Plaintiff alleged, and that they were convinced that there was no way the Plaintiff could have put herself and her folded walker on to the moving escalator without falling, all of which is largely attributable to your excellent testimony at trial. I thought your standing up and getting out of the witness box with the Plaintiff's walker to demonstrate your point was particularly effective. In short, I thought the quality of your testimony, your preparation, your demeanor and sincerity were outstanding, and stood in stark contrast to the testimony of Plaintiff's expert.

"I also want to thank you for the assistance you gave to me throughout this case, including helping me understand the technical aspects of the equipment, preparing an excellent expert report, and assisting me in preparing for the deposition of [opposing expert]. With your help, I was able to take one of the best expert witness depositions of my career. In fact, just recently a colleague of mine was told by the attorney of our co-Defendant in this case that the deposition I took of [opposing expert] was the best expert witness deposition he had ever seen.

"Once again thank you for all of your efforts in this case. You will certainly be the first person I call the next time I have an elevator or escalator case."

Brian J. O'Connell
Dinsmore & Shohl LLP

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Ron Creak of Creak, Moskal & Associates, on a somewhat difficult case where my client was injured in an elevator accident occurring at a national department store. Ron's work on the case was excellent, and was the primary reason we were able to bring the case to a successful conclusion. His credentials as an elevator expert are unassailable, and throughout the case the breadth and depth of his knowledge and expertise were remarkable. He was accessible, responsive, professional and a pleasure to work with throughout. I would absolutely work with him again on another elevator case, and highly recommend his services to any lawyer who needs an expert in this area."

Bret C. Beyer, Sr.
Hill & Beyer

"I am pleased to advise that this case has settled. [The hotel] has paid [our client], and we have [been awarded] a 10-year service agreement with them. This is a good result, and I believe your excellent work and report helped us to achieve it. Thank you. It was a pleasure working with you."

Thomas A. LeBlanc
Best & Sharp

"Our law firm is principally a litigation firm and we have had the opportunity of working with hundreds, if not thousands of experts over the past thirty years.

"Recently I had the opportunity to employ and work with Ron Creak in a personal injury elevator door strike case. Mr. Creak was very knowledgeable about elevators and extremely helpful in teaching us the potential defects that existed both in the operation of the elevator and in the maintenance deficiencies. He was extremely helpful in teaching us what went wrong and why, which provided us with great ammunition against the other side's experts.

"Mr. Creak was extremely cooperative and very accessible.

"Mr. Creak also made an excellent appearance at the deposition and was well prepared, knowledgeable and appropriately answered questions.

"I would highly recommend Mr. Creak as an expert in any case (plaintiffs or defendants) involving elevators or escalators.

"If you have any specific questions, I'd be more than happy to answer them by phone."

Robert P. Fitzsimmons
Fitzsimmons Law Offices

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your hard work in this case and also for your excellent presentation. Your straightforward and simple explanations assisted the jury in understanding how elevators operate and why an accident as described by the plaintiff was a physical impossibility.

"You certainly will be my first choice in any incident involving an elevator. I have already advised a number of my colleagues about your fine work and the fact that you're an excellent witness. You make complex subjects simple for a jury, and that is essential. Again, many thanks."

Thomas J. Morgan, Sr.
The Morgan Law Group

"The case is now resolved. Thank you for assisting us in this most interesting matter. I look forward to working with you on future matters as they arise.

"We can not defend these cases without experts such as you taking the time and effort to help us."

Timothy Gearin
Armstrong Teasdale LLP

"I had an opportunity to talk to the jury after the trial and the jury unanimously indicated that you were the reason they entered a defense verdict on behalf of all defendants. The jury indicated that your testimony was clear and concise and on their level. When you finished explaining the mechanical operation of an elevator, the jury indicated that they fully understood it. Furthermore, when you reviewed with them what [the elevator technician] did in diagnosing the particular problem, likewise, the jury understood your testimony.

"The comments by the jury are very important to a trial lawyer in assessing the effectiveness of any expert witness. In listening to the unanimous consensus of the jury after the trial, you did an outstanding job for our clients.

"The jury found no negligence on behalf of the owner, the facilities management company, and the elevator maintenance company.

"Thank you again for all of your time and attention to this case."

Mark R. Chilson
Bricker & Eckler, LLP

"I am a trial attorney in Naperville, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. From January 30, 2007 through February 7, 2007, I represented an elevator service company in a jury trial in the Cook County Circuit Court. The Plaintiff sustained a broken neck as a result of backing her wheelchair into a wheelchair lift and falling back 37 inches to the bottom of the shaft. The Plaintiff and Co-Defendant retained local elevator expert witnesses. I retained Ronald E. Creak as my elevator expert witness.

"Mr. Creak was instrumental in obtaining the jury's verdict in my client's favor. This lawsuit involved the locking system on the wheelchair lift. Mr. Creak brought the interlock device to the jury stand and explained its operation in great detail to the jury. His detailed testimony was instrumental in our successful defense. I recommend Mr. Creak to anyone in need of elevator consulting services."

Keith D. Luther
Thomas P. Marnell & Associates, Attorneys at Law

"I wanted to let you know that we have settled this case in a favorable manner at mediation, and that you may close your file. Your thorough inspection of the plaintiff's lift, and particularly your evisceration of their expert's principal theory, played a very large role in our being able to resolve this case. Thank you for your excellent work."

Scott T. Jansen
Armstrong Teasdale LLP

"I have known Ron Creak for about fifteen years through business relationships. I first met him when he was the head of risk management for an elevator company. I worked with him on litigated matters pertaining to the defense of lawsuits involving elevators and escalators. I later worked with him when he became an expert witness in the field of elevators and escalators at Creak Moskal & Associates.

"He is a topnotch expert who is always well prepared and dedicated to providing me information that is truthful and helpful to resolving the case for my major client. He is a good-natured individual. I enjoy working with him and recommend him highly."

Michael J. Danner, Esq.
Danner & Chonoles, L.L.P

"Ron has asked that I write a letter of recommendation relating to his professional services. I am happy to do so. Ron has guided me through several exceedingly complicated elevator cases with patience and a high level of expertise in the field. He has also assisted me with deposition preparation for the opposing experts. He has testified in my cases and does so with confidence and is always very well prepared.

"Please do not hesitate to call on me should you need further information or have any questions."

Marshall S. Smith, Esq.
for Perry & Spann
A Professional Corporation


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